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Speaker session

08:30 - 09:30

Arrival and registration of participants, welcome coffee

Welcome message.

Mariana Kotzeva (Eurostat) and Stefan Schweinfest (UN Statistics Division)

This session aims at discussing the role of statistics (with a focus on macroeconomic statistics) for policy making. Panellists are expected to bring to the attention of producers of statistics the point of view of high-level users on how official statistics, and in particular macro-economic statistics, support policy making. The session will also help identifying possible gaps which statisticians should address.

Panellists are:

  • Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy at the European Commission;
  • Kerri-Ann Jones, Deputy Secretary-General at the OECD;
  • Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary-General of UNCTAD;
  • Irene Tinagli, Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
10:45 - 11:15

Coffee break

This session provides an opportunity to discuss the overall changes expected in the revised macroeconomic standards and their combined impact, focusing also on solutions to make national accounts and macroeconomic statistics more accessible and understandable to users.

  • Background and overview of changes to the SNA, including communication aspects –
    Peter van de Ven, lead editor 2008 SNA update (20 min)
  • Coordination between the SNA and BPM in the update process – Carlos Sanchez-Munoz, IMF (10 min)
  • Plenary discussion (30 min)
12:30 - 14:00

Buffet lunch

This session provides an opportunity to discuss how the revision of the macroeconomic statistics standards contributes to the ‘Beyond GDP’ agenda through proposals to complement the System of National Accounts with social and environmental aspects.

  • Keynote speech Janez Potočnik, UN Environment Programme (20 min)
  • A Broader SNA framework for Wellbeing and Sustainability – Jorrit Zwijnenburg, OECD
    (20 min)
  • Environmental economic issues – Mark de Haan, IMF (20 min)
  • Plenary discussion (30 min)
15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break

  • Distributional national accounts – Giovanni Savio, Istat (20 min)
  • Labour, education and human capital – Sanjiv Mahajan, ONS (20 min)
  • Plenary discussion (30 min)
17:30 - 20:00

Welcome cocktail

This session provides an opportunity to discuss the proposed solutions to incorporate into macroeconomic statistics measures of the impact of digitalisation on the economy.

  • Keynote speech – Avinash Collis, University of Texas (20 min)
  • The Digital economy in the updated SNA - Focus on Data and Free Services, Erich Strassner, IMF (20 min)
  • Plenary discussion (30 min)
10:20 - 10:40

Coffee break

This session provides an opportunity to discuss the proposed solutions to address globalisation issues in the update of the macroeconomic statistical standards.

  • Keynote speech – João Sousa, European Central Bank (20 min)
  • Overview of globalisation issues and how they have been addressed for the SNA update Michael Connolly, CSO Ireland (20 min)
  • Plenary discussion (30 min)
12:00 - 13:00

Buffet lunch

The session, organised by the United Nations Network of Economic Statisticians, will provide an overview of the United Nations Network of Economic Statisticians activities and findings on the Beyond GDP consultations.

  • Overview of the United Nations Network of Economic Statisticians activities– Aishath Shahuda, Maldives Bureau of Statistics (15 min)
  • Findings on the Beyond GDP consultation (60 min)
    • Towards an integrated statistical system for inclusive and sustainable well-being - Richard Heys, UK Office of National Statistics,
    • Beyond Dutch GDP: concepts, policy use and challenges - Gerard Eding, Statistics Netherlands,
  • Network’s roadmap and forward-looking beyond GDP conceptual framework – Andre Loranger, Statistics Canada (20 min)
  • Plenary discussion (25 min)
15:00 - 15:20

Coffee break

This session brings together the ideas for a program of work that emerged during the previous sessions and the work of the Network.


  • Stefan Schweinfest, Director of the UN Statistics Division
  • Paul Schreyer, OECD chief statistician
  • Jaroslav Sixta, Vice-President of the Czech Statistical Office
  • Graciela Márquez, President of INEGI, Mexico
  • Gallo Gueye, Eurostat
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